ITB Collaborates with TVOne in Tasikmalaya Post-Earthquake Recovery Efforts

By UKM Student English Forum

Editor -

BANDUNG, Bandung Institute of Technology recently collaborated with TVOne through the "TVOne Cares" program in order to assist Tasikmalaya to recover from the catastrophe caused by the recent earthquake. The program focused on reconstructing buildings, in particular public clinics and governmental facilities in the vicinity. Present in the event, which was held in Tasikmalaya, was ITB rector Prof. Akhmaloka and West Java Governor Dr. Ahmad Heryawan.

Initially, these facilities were devastated by the disaster. The reconstruction from ITB was headed by Prof. Iswandi (Civil Engineering) for building structures and Dr. Eko Purwono (Architecture) as the buildings designer. The elevation difference between the two facilities is around 1.5 m with the clinic being in the higher elevation.

For the safety of these buildings against possible future earthquakes, the size of these buildings are one and a half times bigger than standard buildings. Due to a constrain in space, however, the clinic cannot be built far away from a hill. Because of that, the builders built a bored pile foudnation with a diameter of 400 mm around the hill in the building process. The depth reached 6 meters.