Big Discussion: "Raising ITB's World Rank"

Oleh Mandeep Kaur Gill

Editor -

BANDUNG, On Saturday 10th May 2008 MGB (Head Masters’ Council) called for a big discussion titled Raise ITB’s World Rank at the East Auditorium. The event was attended by members of the rectorate office, faculty/study program party and student representatives. Academic Senior Rector Representative, Prof. Dr. Ir. Adang Surahman was present to give an opening on behalf of the rectorate. The discussion was carried out by five speakers to contribute based on 5 different angles; Prof. Wiranto Arismunanadar, former ITB Rector, Prof. Bambang Hidayat AIPI leader, Ir. Imam Taufik (Industialist, entrepreneur), Ir. Hatta Radjasa (represented by Amin Saputra) from ITB IA and . Deny Juanda Puradimadja, head of ITB SPM (Quality Monitoring Unit). The discussion was carried out in context with ITB’s position on an international scale. The ranking is done by THES (Times Higher Education Supplement), placing ITB on level 369 on year 2007. This is a drop of rank for ITB whose position in 2006 was 258. Other rankings based on surveys from Webometrics by CINDOC place ITB on number 844 on the international scale on 2007. More specifically, rankings based on fields of study; ITB was ranked 242 in humanities, 114 for IT and engineering, the highest rank in this country for natural sciences while ITB’s life sciences and biomedical study programs were ranked below UI (University Indonesia) and UGM (University Gadjah Mada). University rankings are more subjective because it does not differentiate between public universities and specialized universities like technical institutes until the evaluation is less relevant. Nevertheless, it has become a trademark since rankings of tertiary education began that one of the visions of universities is to portray their existence via international acknowledgment. During the discussion, Prof. Wranto stressed the harmonization of several aspects such as networking, physical mathematics theories, monitoring and development as well as constructive effort. This can be used as indication to ensure excellent graduates. Once graduated, alumni is hoped to become the ‘aspiring’ alumni who can become the ITB Goodwill Ambassador. As an entrepreneur, Ir. Imam Taufik stressed on students’ soft skills which is a component of equal importance as hard skills. Amin Sapurtra portrayed the function and role of IRB IA as contributor in Funding, Networking and Endorsement. The two following speakers gave a perception of ITB as an institution that should continue to undergo improvements to achieve their international ranking target and achieve International Standard Research University 2010. Many facts above ensures that we cannot be proud of ITB’s history of success but to improve ourselves so ITB achieve the excellence required to complete on an international and national level. Integration must first be established between the rectorate, students, and alumni.

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