Regent of Rejang Lebong Determined to Improve Education, Health, and Tourism

Oleh Ahmad Fadil

Editor -

BANDUNG, – Accelerated development is currently encouraged evenly to regions I Indonesia. From the west-end to east-end of Indonesia, these regions are aimed to develop together. Rejang Lebong as a regency in Bengkulu currently undergoing development also try to apply accelerated development in their region. Therefore, on Tuesday (22/06/17) Rejang Lebong signed an MoU with ITB regarding cooperation in education, research and community service. Taking place at Rapim A room, CCAR Building ITB, the MoU was signed the Regent of Rejang Lebong, Dr. H. Ahmad Hijazi, SH, M.Si and the Rector of ITB, Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi.

The Local Government of Rejang Lebong is currently attempting to push the establishment of universities in tourism, education, and health sciences as their focus. Those fields are vital to sustainable development in Rejang Lebong. Having tourism potential we cannot underestimate, Rejang Lebong definitely need capable human resources that can take on challenges in tourism development. Educational university will support the need of educational development in Rejang Lebong, while health sciences university is expected to enhance the welfare of Rejang Lebong’s human resources. These problems will be much easier to handle with mature collaboration between parties. ITB as a leading higher education in Indonesia is ready to support the Local Government of Rejang Lebong in gaining the expected development.

In his speech, the Rector of ITB, Prof. Kadarsah Suryadi said that what Rejang Lebong is currently focusing on serve as important aspects in Human Development Index which covers education, Health and Purchasing Power. ITB is ready to support Rejang Lebong as an implementation of the Tri-Dharma of Indonesian education.

Rejang Lebong is a regency located in Bengkulu. Historically, Rejang Lebong contributed greatly to Indonesia, and its legacy could still be seen up until today on the peak of National Monument (Monas) of which gold came as a present from a Rejang Lebong businessman. It is not surprising since Rejang Lebong is a gold producing region, among other mining products such as coal, Marble, and oil. Rejang Lebong also has tourism potential with its most known tourism site, Batu Betiang Falls. These abundant potencies will definitely bring benefit if they are worked out optimally.

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