ITB Has Once Again Devote the N-95 Mask Sterilization Cabin to Two COVID-19 Referral Hospitals

By Adi Permana

Editor Vera Citra Utami

BANDUNG, – Institut Teknologi Bandung has once again devote the N-95 Mask Sterilization Cabin. This time, assistance was given to two COVID-19 referral hospitals namely Dr. H. A. Rotinsulu Pulmonary Bandung Hospital and Cibabat Cimahi Hospital. The handover was conducted at the BPUDL ITB, Lebak Siliwangi Street, Bandung, on Monday (6/7/2020).

Those two sterilization cabins can sterilize the N-95 mask that has been used by medical personnel so that it can be used again. The cabin utilizes air ionization technology to sterilize mask from viruses and bacteria. “This cabin has passed trials in the ITB laboratory and at the Hasan Sadikin Hospital in Bandung,” said Dr. Yuli Setyo Indartono from the team of the Renewable Energy Laboratory, Faculty of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (FTMD) ITB, at the time of handover.

The 1x1x2 square meters cabin has several specifications, such as using air ionization technology, reducing air humidity, and sterilizing mask N-95 racks. To facilitate the operation, the cabins are equipped with an automatic timer. Other than that, the cabins also have a clean air blower.

Previously, the Renewable Energy Laboratory FTMD ITB team has developed the second version of the sterilization cabin that utilized hydrogen peroxide vapor to sterilizes the N-95 masks. The second version cabin has been facilitated by the Dustira Cimahi Hospital, which is also one of the COVID-19 referral hospitals. While the first version cabin was used at Hasan Sadikin Bandung Hospital. So, the cabin handover this time is the fourth time carried out by ITB.

A representative from Rotinsulu Pulmonary Hospital, dr. Asima Manurung expressed her gratitude for ITB’s contribution to the N-95 mask sterilization cabin. According to her, this cabin will very useful to help the hospital in sterilizing masks that have been used by medical personnel, so that the masks can be used again. “This is the second contribution from ITB since we also received help for the swab booth,” said dr. Asima to ITB Public Relations.

ITB Contribution during the Pandemic Period The N-95 mask sterilization cabin handover was attended by the Dean of FTMD Prof. Dr. Ir. Tata Cipta Dirgantara M.T., Secretary of the Institute for Research LPPM ITB Dr.rer.nat. Rino Rakhmata Mukti, S.Si., M.Si., and BPUDL ITB representatives.

Dr. Rino said that during the COVID-19 pandemic, ITB through LPPM ITB is motivated to contribute to handling the prevention of the spread of COVID-19. Many researches and programs have been supported by LPPM ITB to help Indonesia escape from the pandemic. “This is a contribution given to ITB to the community amid COVID-19 pandemic. We hope that this cabin can be a help for Dr. Rotinsulu Pulmonary Hospital on handling COVID-19,” he hoped.

Meanwhile, the Dean of FTMD ITB Prof. Tata Cipta Dirgantara said that the crisis caused by the pandemic is an opportunity for researchers in Indonesia to produce homemade research products so that Indonesia won’t depend on other countries. “ITB has many expertise groups that can take advantage of their respective expertise to solve existing problems,” he said.

Oleh : Adi Permana
Translator : Wendy Anastasia Yeoda (Management, 2017)