ITB Confer Honorary Degree to T. P. Rachmat on the Commemoration of 99th Year PTTI

By Adi Permana

Editor -

BANDUNG, – Institut Teknologi Bandung confer honorary doctor degree to Ir. Theodore Permadi Rachmat on the commemoration of 99th year of Engineering Higher Education in Indonesia (PTTI) at Aula Barat of ITB Ganesha Campus, on Wednesday (3/7/2019). The degree is a token of appreciation and respect to individuals who have given contribution in development of science, technology, art and concern to wealth, prosperity, education, and future of Indonesia.

Head of the promoter team, Prof. Dr. Andi Isra Mahyuddin said that as a professional, T. P. Rachmat or also known as Teddy Rachmat has significant role in pioneering and establishing national manufacture industry, primarily in automotive and heavy equipment. He is also considered to demonstrate virtue and wisdom in using his works and activities for development of community, people of Indonesia, and humanity in general.

He further said that the proposal for the honorary degree had gone through a long process. It began with proposal to the rector, establishment of an observer commission, formation of a special committee in the Academic Senate, and then return the recommendation back to the rector. The promoter team concluded and believed that Ir. Theodore Permadi Rachmat meets the criteria from Academic Senate of ITB to receive honorary degree.

“We also consider his virtue and wisdom during his career. He is considered to obey the principle, diligent, and always learn. Taking all those into consideration, we promote and the rector has decided to confer honorary degree to T.P. Rachmat,” he said.

On the occasion, T. P. Rachmat delivered a scientific speech titled “Character and Mindset as Decisive Factors to the Success and Continuity of Nation”. He said that education is the key to changes. Furthermore, education for young generation should be one of the main concerns of this nation.

“Big countries have big concern and make serious efforts to ensure the quality of education because they are aware that continuity, independency, and future prosperity is determined by the quality of human resources,” he said.

Doctor (HC) Teddy Rachmat is an alumnus of Mechanical Engineering of ITB class of 1961. After his graduation from ITB, he worked as a staff at PT Astra Internasional and PT United Tractors; acted as executive at PT Astra Internasional, PT United Tractors, PT Unilever Indonesia, PT Adaro Energy, and as owner of PT Adaro Energy and PT Triputra Group. He also served as a member of National Economic Board and National Economic Committee.

“I hope this Honorary Degree which is conferred to Ir. Teddy Rachmat becomes an example to young generation to start, manage, grow, and keep the continuity of a business enterprise,” said rector of ITB, Prof. Dr. Ir. Kadarsah Suryadi, DEA.

According to Prof. Kadarsah, ITB expect this conferment of honorary degree to be a motivation for professionals, company executives and owners to give contribution to prosperity of Indonesia.