ITB Student Uses Water Hyacinth for Ornaments

By Ahmad Fadil

Editor -

BANDUNG, – The exhibition that displayed final projects of Craft students of Faculty of Art and Design has ended. Held for only one day on Wednesday (6/6/2018) at Aula Timur ITB, the exhibition left positive impressions to visitors. One of the displayed product was named Alluciera. The product, created by Renita, is various ornaments made of water hyacinth.

The water hyacinth is made into wall and table ornaments. Renita said that she only uses old water hyacinth stems as raw materials. “If the stem has grown into 50 cm, the stem is old” she said. The stem is then made into strings. To make a product, there are two techniques to use, tapestry and weaving.

It takes two weeks to make a product using tapestry. “And it will take more time using weaving technique,” She said. Weaving is used to create a product that looks orderly and soft.

Renita uses natural dyes such as sappanwood, avocado skin, Indian almond and mango leaf. About why she uses water hyacinth, she said that she wants to change its image, from waste into valuable raw material. “I want to show that, with proper treatment, water hyacinth can be valuable,” She said.

After the exhibition, the next step for Renita is to develop processing technique for water hyacinth. She hopes that she can find a new way to process and dry water hyacinth’s fiber so that it does not break. One of the obstacles to make Alluciera product lies on the storing process. “If the fiber is stored while in humid condition, the color can change. Hence the fiber must be completely dry before storing,” She said.