Jeffry Thorpe from University of Leeds Gave a Public Lecture at FSRD ITB

By Ahmad Fadil

Editor -

BANDUNG, – On Monday (12/03/2018), Faculty of Art and Design (FSRD) ITB held a general lecture with Jeffrey Thorpe. Thorpe is a graduate of Kingston University London who currently serves as Head of Fashion University of Leeds.

Tyar Ratuannisa, a lecturer of Craft Study Program of FSRD ITB said, "His visit here is not just about sharing knowledge about fashion sketch but also as a form of cooperation between ITB and University of Leeds" said Tyar.

The participants come from both FSRD and general public. They were very enthusiastic in following the event held in the Seminar Room FSRD. Those more than 40 participants were mostly FSRD ITB students, both from undergraduate and master degree programs.

The lecture began with an introduction by Jeffrey Thorpe, and continued with a presentation about the School of Design at the University of Leeds. Jeffrey said that in designing, fashion sketch is very important for students in order to master garment construction. Through the mastery of garment construction, designed fashion sketch can convey more detailed depiction and information, such as seams, yoke, and other specific parts.

Furthermore, Jeffrey also emphasized that students in fashion sketch design will serve as designers. All controls are under the designers, such as the selection of textile materials, accessories, and the sketches idea. The material discussed in the general lecture is related to subjects in Craft Study Program, namely Fashion Illustration and Fashion Research.

At the end of the lecture, participants were encouraged to ask Jeffrey about the University of Leeds. Selected FSRD participants that showed their design portfolio had a direct opportunity to have a discussion with Jeffrey after the event is over.

It is known that Craft Study Program in ITB received additional number of students to study at ITB Cirebon Campus since 2016. Currently, undergraduate Craft students ITB Cirebon Campus still take lectures at ITB Jatinangor Campus. Several works of previous Craft students have also been exhibited at ITB Jatinangor Campus.

Reporter: Qinthara Silmi Faizal

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