Country Leader Phillips Indonesia Gave a Lecture about Lighting and Smart City

By Cintya Nursyifa

Editor -

BANDUNG, – Smart city should be deepened especially in ITB as technology higher education. Lighting technology itself is not a novelty in ITB. In order to add insight and knowledge regarding that matter, Rami Hajjar (Country Leader Philips Indonesia) had an opportunity to give a lecture in Studium Generale where he carry a topic “Empowering Cities with Connected Lighting” on Wednesday (01/11/17) at Aula Timur.

Lighting helps creating smart city, which comes from provision of technology, manufacture, good service, low energy consumption, and livability. It is called smart city if it has human resources with high capability in technology and creativity. Currently, New York is established as Top Smart City. In Indonesia smart city is still under development. Jakarta as the capital city sits at unsatisfying position.

Rami explained that difficulties facing the creation of smart city come from lack of controlling in security, infrastructure, energy, etc. This is regarded as important for Indonesia since even 50% of Indonesia’s population is still massive. ITB as a higher education that develop science, technology, and arts could contribute to sustainable realization of smart city. Technology takes bigger portion than other sectors. Indonesia have massive population who become technology users, but it does not match with creation of appropriate and wise technology.

High energy productivity is one feature of smart city. It is measurable from GBP and energy usage. The world is trying to create technology that decelerate increasing energy usage. Modern technology could now allow control of an affair in a city from just a laptop. Other than energy needs, smart city also needs huge investment to build infrastructure to prepare for competitive atmosphere and intensive handling so that it could increase service quality.

Lighting falls into the fastest growing and transforming sector. Activities that happen in city life are connected with lighting. It also shows the face of city’s civilization. For example, in positioning system, lighting is used as communication medium. Supermarket now use application that can help customer to find certain goods. The system will respond by showing the direction of the goods and there will be lamp that illuminate the goods. This shows the relation between economic growth and lighting.

As a conclusion, Rami explained an emerging issue, light pollution. This pollution is a condition that occurs when environment have a character and lighting that is not as appropriate as it should be. This is caused by the usage of low quality LED. As a solution, smart lighting system is used and applied as regulation. Moreover, lighting management use measurable system that respond to non-ideal lighting condition so that it minimalize the negative effect of light pollution. This management covers material and environmental aspect.