Encourage the Development of Indonesian Tennis, ITB Held Ganesha Cup 2017

By Irfaan Taufiiqul Rayadi

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BANDUNG, itb.ac.id – Indonesian tennis will once again re-enliven by the presence of a national competition. Ganesha Tennis Association of Alumni Association (PTG IA) ITB holds a tournament entitled Ganesha ITB Cup 2017” that was officially announced on Thursday night (20/04/17) at Aula Timur ITB. The opening event was attended by Dr. Yunyun Yudiana as the Head of Achievement Coaching of National Sports Committee (KONI) of West Java.

The tournament that will see 104 players from 24 higher education institutions will be on Friday-Sunday (21-23/04/17) at GOR Siliwangi Tennis Court, Bandung. Interestingly, the tournament will present five categories such as men’s single, women’s single, men’s doubles, women’s dobles, and mixed doubles to provide many options for the participants.

Exciting matches will likely be displayed during the competition. Several national tennis players will compete in the competition, namely Voni Darlina who will represent Jakarta State University (UNJ). In addition, Tio Juliandi Hutauruk who will represent Harapan Bangsa Intitute of Technology (ITHB) will also compete in the completion. It is hoped that this tournament will encourage young athletes so that new brilliant talents will emerge and hence develop Indonesian Tennis. “Through this tournament, we hope new athletes will emerge to refresh Indonesian Tennis,” said Yunyun.

Union of Lawn Tennis Indonesia (PELTI) as a professional tennis organization in Indonesia admitted that this tournament is also a place to look for potential athletes. Therefore, to attract the interest and increase the spirit of the participants, the committee have prepared a total prize of Rp42.500.000,00 for the winners.

Beside this inter-students tournament, the committee plan to hold a tennis tournament for Alumni entitled “Head of ITB Alumni Association Cup”. That tournament will function as a gathering place for ITB Alumni. Also, through these tournaments, ITB hope for more development in Indonesian tennis.

Rifqi Aufa (Chemical Engineering 2014)
ITB Journalist Apprentice 2017
Image source : Committee’s documentation