Studium Generale: Enhancing Economic Growth through Transportation Development

By Irfaan Taufiiqul Rayadi

Editor -

BANDUNG, – The 13th Studium Generale public lecture presented Ir. Bambang Prihartono, MSCE., (specialized staff in Technology, Energy, and Environment in Ministry of Transportation) as the speaker. The lecture that was held at Aula Barat ITB on Wednesday (19/04/17) brought the theme “Development of Transportation in Indonesia” and was opened by Dr. Miming Miharja, M.Sc., Eng., as the Vice Rector of General Administration, Alumni, and Communication.

The opening presentation explained the vision of the Ministry of Transportation to realize reliable, competitive, and value-added transportation service. To achieve this, the Ministry of Transportation intensifies the construction of land, water and air transportation facilities and infrastructures. Moreover, the Ministry of Transportation also seeks to improve the quality of transportation services.

According to Bambang, development of transportation is a way to enhance the economic growth of Indonesia. For example, “sea toll road” will ease the distribution of goods to many corners in Indonesia so that the price of goods in Indonesia will be much more equal.

Also, Transportation development is a realization of economic justice. Development must reach every Indonesian, not centralized in certain regions. Therefore, the government intensively executes various transportation developments in various regions, especially in Papua and Sulawesi. Development of public transportation in rural areas is intensified. In Papua, for example, small boats as public transportation are intensified. That way, the access to various areas in Papua is expected to be easier.

Before he concluded the lecture, Bambang expressed his expectation to students of ITB. “One day, students like all of you here will have to assist the development of Indonesia,” Bambang said. He also asked for the active role of students in controlling the development of Indonesia today. “If you have any brilliant idea, do not hesitate to express it because the government is very open to it,” he said.

Reporter: M. Armando Siahaan (Food Engineering 2015) 
ITB Journalist Apprentice 2017 
Image source: author’s documentation