SNMPTN 2014 Ready to Develop the Quality of Indonesia's Education System

By Medhira Handinidevi

Editor -

The upcoming SNMPTN 2014, which was scheduled to be on February-May 2014, was the country's mechanism to chose among its best students the candidates to undergo a higher education in the College. The selection process must guarded by an equal and no discrimination principles, that sees no differences in gender, religion, ethnic, race, social status and economy capability of the candidates. At the same time, it must seek for potential students and also consider the academic specialization of their desired College. The primary and important principles was the assurance that all of our children has equal opportunity to continue their study to the higher education.
SNMPTN was the annual selection pattern that followed by 62 National College (Perguruan Tinggi Negeri,PTN) and wrapped into an integral system which is held by filtering students according to their acadeimc achievement. These process were financed by the goverment, therefore all candidates would not have to spend any registration fee. This was the effort for developing the education service quality in Indonesia. To candidates who has  a few obstacle in economic errands, the government prepare a speacial scholarship program - Beasiswa Bidik Misi- after they got in the College.

In conclusion, the ultimate goal of SNMPTN is to give an opportunity to every students who got high academic achievement for continuing their education to the higher level and also to get the best potential freshmen from  every High School in Indonesia and also government's schools abroad. With this spirit, every child would have an equal chance to received a high quality education in their desired PTN if shown their best performance in academic achievement.

ITB and SNMPTN 2014

During the SNMPTN 2014 process, ITB became one of the 62 National College that join the selection process. Like the year before, ITB held an intake to 12 faculty, which are: School of Electronical Engineering and Informatics, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, School of Life Sciences and Technology, School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Earth Sciences and Technology, Faculty of Industrial Engineering, Faculty of Machinery and Aerial Engineering, Faculty of Civil and Environment Engineering, School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development, Faculty of Arts and Design, and School of Business and Management.

For choosing new students, ITB follow the principles of SNMPTN 2014 by filtering the candidates by academic quality shown in their academic transcript, academic achievement, and National Exam's score. ITB also considered the school's performance history, therefore all of this selection process is objective, equal, and accountable, not only aiming to fulfill the maximum capacity of the campus.

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