KM SBM Teach Students How to Make the Right Decision

By Akbar Syahid Rabbani

Editor -

BANDUNG, - The decision is something that will always we make anywhere , anytime even on things as simple as what to eat every day , what activities we want to do until the crucial decisions that will affect our lives . So when we doing a business or an entrepreneurship . On Tuesday (26/11/13), Student Family School of Business and Management (KM SBM) invites all students of ITB at the ITB Business Club "How To Make Right Decision" . This discussion is part of a program that invites Dr. Ir . Putro Sarjono Utomo , M. Eng , one of the teaching staff at the SBM. The seminar was held from 5-6.30 pm in the Kresna House SBM, ITB .

The discussion was attended by about 30 people. It taught us how to make a good decision . Started by pitting our thinking when a decision will be taken . Does  the decisions we make already rational or not. He also explained how the brain works when it will make a decision . The human brain was easy to drift off and most of us are lazy to use it or lazy thinking. " Decision making is a skill , process and mindset ," said Utomo. Therefore, the decision of what we do today may be influenced by any decisions we've ever took in the past .

In his explanation, Mr. Utomo explained how right-brain system ( system 1 ) and left brain ( system 2 ) in the work . System 1 tended to work quickly , directly , effortless , cannot be turned off, intuitive , and pleased prejudiced . While the left brain tended to work slowly , needed an extra effort , and process control . Because of that fact, he provided knowledge that wiuld made a decision when we had to think rationally . Rational thinking was clearly defining the problems that exist , identified all the existing criteria , Aggregated all criteria based on all existing preferences , knowing all the relevant alternatives, accurately assessing the alternatives based on each criteria and calculated also made choices with value we could saw clearly .

At the end of the discussion, he said that the most important thing to note is more inclined to prejudice or something that we often experience . To overcome it we must always be aware of , not to be complacent feeling , looked for opportunities based on data and statistics , and did not assume something is always in touched with each other.


Reksy Rakasiwie

ITB Journalist Apprentice 2013