EAGE Student Lecture Tour Asia Pacific 2012

Oleh Gilang Ariawan Wicaksono

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BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - As its annual agenda, EAGE (European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers) held a guest lecture at ITB on Wednesday (02/05/12). The event titled "Seismic Imaging Fundamentals with Asia Pacific Case Studies" was held in Hilmi Panigoro room, Geological Engineering Major. ITB has the chance to become the first host in Asia Pacific to hold this guest lecture.

EAGE was an earth science interdisciplinary organization which consists of academics, professional, and students from all over the world as its members. This guest lecture held by EAGE Student Chapter (EAGE SC) ITB was given by Dr. Deva Ghosh, professor from Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP), Malaysia, as EAGE's representation. The lecture explained the correlation between geophysics and geology in oil and gas exploration.

In his lecture, Deva Ghosh explained that the seismic is the perfect method to portray the subsurface geology structure. "The quality of seismic drawing was determined by the imaging process done," said Ghosh. "Seismic image is a subsurface geology, so geology and geophysics can't be separated in subsurface exploration," he added.

This event, attended by students from various study majors successfully builds the participant's enthusiasm. This can be seen from the amount of participants asking questions and speaking up their opinions. "Dr. Ghosh explains this materials in an interesting way because he uses everyday's example related to seismic," said Tania Meidiana (Geophysical Engineering 2009).

EAGE SC ITB Overview

EAGE SC ITB is EAGE student organization in ITB. This first EAGE student forum in South East Asia was chaired by Amran Dewangga (Geological Engineering 2009). "EAGE will keep trying to combine the geophysics and geology to increase students understanding in these fields," said Harya Dwi Nugraha (Geophysical Engineering 2009), Vice President of EAGE SC ITB.

As a continuation of this event, various programs will be held, including workshop, field trip, and another guest lecture. These programs are opened to all of ITB's students who has interest in geoscience fields.

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