Independent Admission Test is Erased to Boost Students to University

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Bandung Institute of Technology erased the independent selection process from 2011 undergraduate students admission. That means, this year 100% of undergraduate program students will be selected from National Selection of Public University Admission (SNMPTN).

This is decided for all students from all parts of society to possess spirits in continuing study in university, and to avoid the impression that ITB sells spots," said Vice Rector of Communication, Partnership, and ITB Alumni Prof. Hasanuddin Z. Abidin in press conference at ITB Rectorate Building, Tamansari Road, Bandung, Thursday (13/1/11).

Hasanuddin said, ITB is aware that the current system is not satisfactory. Through this new system, he hopes ITB can select qualified students nationwide.

ITB students admission this year, explained Hasanuddin, will be conducted with the composition of 60 % through invitation SNMPTN and 40 % through written and skills SNMPTN.

"Referring to Ministry of National Education regulation No. 34/2010, ITB with other varsity conducts concerted national joint-selection, which is through SNMPTN", said Hasanuddin.

Then, from all the admitted students, according to PP 66/2010, ITB allocated places for Indonesian students candidate with satisfactory academic competence but financially incapable as much as 20 %.

"Each major has to allocate 20 % without exception", said Hasanuddin.

ITB will still provide scholarship like BIUS, Bidik Misi, Academic Fee Scholarship, and many others for students. But the registration is done through SNMPTN central committee by each high school.

Education Fee

In that press conference, Hasanuddin stated that ITB will apply justice principle related to education fee. The amount of education fee will depend on parents' financial capability

"ITB applies just payment system, this is still mooted. We hope the registration form is filled honestly according to each capability", he said.

If not subsidized, in average the education fee in ITB for each student per year is 25 million rupiahs. But, ITB has strong financing so as to not burdening students about education fee, such as Regional Government Grants, Industry Partnership, Students' Parents Association, Alumni Association, and many else.

"For supporting qualified education, ITB never takes financing as problems. IT is lucky that ITB has many cooperations from strong Alumni Association", said Hasanuddin.


As mentioned before, this year SNMPTN will be held through two ways: invitations based on academic achievement selection, and written and/or skills tests.

Written and/or skills test is just like previos ones, while invitations are based on students' academic achievement during high school. In this way, SNMPTN committee will ask high schools throughout Indonesia which are categorized as qualified to delegate their students. The universities and majors options are students' rights to make.

"So, it is not the university to invite, but SNMPTN committee according to recommendations from schools", explained Hasanuddin.

Preventing cheating such as scores manipulation by schools, ITB will add other factors in selecting the students, such as the track records from schools' alumni studing or graduated from ITB.

"We really hope this program will run well, invitation is the best way to support high-achieving students", explained Hasanuddin.

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