Training on Writing in International Journals

By UKM Student English Forum

Editor -

BANDUNG, ITB has targeted an increase in the number of publications it has to submit in international journals every year. Lecturers and students in researches are the main actors in achieving a significant increase targeted by the campus. The chance of a writing being successfully admitted in scientific publications will be significantly higher if they're reviewed and read by peers and lecturers before submitted. Due to that, ITB is holding a journal writing 'clinic', hoped to be able to assist in increasing the productivity of lecturers and students in publishing their researches.

The aim of this clinic is to provide assistance in preparing the articles that are going to be published, provide help in responding to review results especially in reputable international journals, and provide intensive and personal consulting to every participant.

The event is held Saturday, October 16th, 08.00 - 17.00 in TVST 2nd Floor. The participants present were 21 ITB students, 2 students from other campuses, Prof. Dr. Ismunandar, Dr. Ir. Eddy Ariyono Subroto, Ir. Dwi H. Widyantoro, M.Sc., Ph.D, Dr. Ahmad Syarief, M.Sc., Prof. De. Edy Soewono, Dr. Daryono Hadi Tj., Apt., M.Si., Prof. Dr. Mikrajuddin Abdullah dan Prod. Dr. Suhardja W.

Source: Prof. Dr. Ismunandar