50 Years of ITB: Socialization to Mass Media

By asni jatiningasih

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id-As a form of socialization, the committee of ITB 50 years Celebration held a Press Conference about the event. Nuanced half formal, the press conference took place in FDWB room, Sasana Budaya Ganesha, Wednesday (25/02/09).

Series of activities that will fill the agenda of 50 Years ITB Celebration delivered by the Vice Chairman of the Committee, Ismunandar, to the journalists. Brings the Energy and Environment theme, a series of activities will be divided into two events: the 50 years of Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB) become official by Ir. Sukarno on March 2 1959, and the developed of Technische Hoogeschool in 1920.

Celebrating the 50 years of ITB, the activity begins with the Open House on February 27 -  March 1 2009. The
celebration will be opened on March 2 at Sasana Budaya Ganesha by the Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Jusuf Kalla. In the opening ceremony it is also planned the ITB award and the launch of a gold coin and stamp ITB series. Overall of this celebration at the first part will consist of the ITB Open House 2009, IPTEKS (Science,Technology,Art)Innovation Exhibition, National Seminar on Energy and Environment, Alumnee gathering, and
will be closed with Opera Ganesha. In addition, it is also planned the launching of new name for 4 Laboratory Buildings and Hall of Fame ITB.

Meanwhile, the second part of celebration  that is celebrate the 89 years of Technische Hoogeschool will be held in June and July 2009. Activities consist of the International Conference on research and hearing as well as the launch of Memories Book and the History of ITB Book. In some events, second part of celebration will be a follow up from the first part of the celebration.

In this time celebration, especially through IPTEKS Innovation Exhibition and National Seminar on Energy and Environment, it is expected that the excellent and useful research result can be delivered to the community and encourage the thinking about alternative energy for the future. Therefore, the ITB requests support from the mass media to participate in announcing this event so that expectations are achieved optimally.

Further explanation on the content of the activities presented by the person in charge in each activities. As part of the celebration agenda, gold coin and stamp ITB series will be printed. The gold coin is planed to be delivered to the people who have been meritorious to ITB and printed in limited number. While, the stamp ITB series will showed the ITB journey from the beginning until now it stands.

The 50 Years ITB celebration will involve all elements of the campus such as lecturers, students, and other academician. Student participation realized in the performance units that will perform in Open House event and the Opera Ganesha as well as exhibitions of students works in Open House. Estimated about 500 people will participate in supporting this event. However, academic activities will still be running during the event, as said by Ismunandar.