BKM: Increase Consumer Loyality Through High Quality Products and Good Selling Strategy

By asni jatiningasih

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id - successful entrepreneur has it own way in holding the consumer, increase consumer loyality through high quality products and good strategy in selling the goods. Good products would be like a requirement keeping the consumer. However, it's not enough. Good products must be supported with good selling strategy. That was concluded the small and middle-business forum (BKM) delivered by the founder of Dayu Group Hariono, Annex Building, Tuesday ( 23/12). That time the topic discussed was "Getting and Holding Consumer Loyality"


In the forum attended by the small and medium industry practitioner, the collegiate of Civil Engineering ITB sharing the experience in managing and enlarging business that he blaze the way since 1988. Strarting the discussion session, Hariono, owner of massage house Bersih Sehat, sharing his experience from the beginning he started the consulting business untill he established the Japan restaurant Midori. According to Hariono, efficacy of the business he experienced prove that everyone possibly become a business man.

Related to the discussion about consumer loyality , former DKI Jakarta government employee expressed the consumer loyality is a final purpose in having the business. The Principle of increasing consumer loyality is when the entrepreneur fulfill the consumer expectation with the reality given. When the consumer satisfy about the product and service given on the market,it is guarantee that the consumer will return and rebuy the products and services.

According to Hariono, loyal consumer lessen the marketing expenses, minimize the expense of transaction, eliminate consumer turn over cost, and at the same time improve the crossed sale which have potency enlarging the market. The loyal consumer proven to also become the good advertisement media, "positive word of mouth," he said. The loyal consumer will buy again and become the customer, buy other products beside the main products, invite the friend to buy, and relatively have impenetrability of competitor atraction.

Center for Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Leadership ( CIEL) SBM ITB established with purpose to link the research finding and innovation in ITB with the business world. This purpose formulated in the relize of the entrepreneurship importance in pushing the development of national economics. Organization which is on year of 2005 reaching for appreciation from SWA magazine ( 1st Prize of the Best Idea in Business) cover the educational, research and publication, consulting services, and technological commercialisation. Some corporates that have partnering with CIEL such as BNI Bank, Niaga Bank, Senada - USAID, and Ernst & Young. CIEL SBM can be reached through e-mail ciel@sbm.itb.ac.id.

In his greeting, Head Of CIEL SBM, Dwi Larso, expressed the forum BKM importance as place to change over the information and develope the network to all business practitioners and academician.