Imagine Cup Indonesia 2008: Two ITB Teams Champions in Project Hoshimi

By Mandeep Kaur Gill

Editor -

BANDUNG, When Team Nama and MyPlayer Team came out as champions of the Imagine Cup Indonesia 2008, they also participated in the Hoshimi Programming Battle Competition and got through into three championships. The Hoshimi Project Competition is one of the categories in Imagine Cup carried out online. In this competition, participants are given big projects by Professor Hoshimi to save the planet from destruction. Each participant must write a program representing action and strategy from an EcoBots team and compete with students from all around the world to complete various kinds of missions. In Imagine Cup 2008’s Project Hoshimi, the missions are focused on simulations for saving the environments based on Imagine Cup 2008’s theme. The three champions will compete again online to move forth to Project Hoshimi finals which will be held in Paris.