DBD Mosquito Fogging

By Mandeep Kaur Gill

Editor -

BANDUNG, itb.ac.id- in context of prevention actions of Dengue, Bleeding Fever, ITB Infrastructure Directorate performed a DBD mosquito fogging of on Saturday (10/5) and Sunday (11/5) in ITB campus. The fogging was categorized into two, the first being fogging of open spaces such as drainage systems and piping and fogging of closed areas which was done only upon the workforce request by contacting Ibu Dini Hartati, ITB Infrastructure Directorate Secretariat. Fogging in ITB Rector’s Annex, Jl Tamansari 64 and ITB campus are, Jl. Ganesha 10 as stated in the distribution letter of Infrastructure Directorate numbered 394/K01.05.2/SP.07.6/2008, signed by Dr. Endang Juliastuti.