ITB Won General Champion at GEMASTIK 8

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BANDUNG, - On Wednesday (28/10/2015), at UGM (Gadjah Mada University), representatives of ITB in the prestigious National Student Exhibition of Information and Communication Technology (GEMASTIK) 2015 successfully won general champion. At this eighth event, ITB won three gold medals and three bronze medals, followed by UGM with two gold medals, two silver medals, and two bronze medals. Through this prestigious event, ITB entitled to the trophy labeled "Samyakbya-Padesa-Widya" or in Indonesian means "The right information to knowledge".
GEMASTIK is a program of the Directorate of Research and Community Service (DP2M) of Higher Education, in an effort to improve the quality of the learners so that they can play the role as agents of change in promoting ICT and their utilization in Indonesia. This year, GEMASTIK themed "Creativity and Innovation Youth for Self-Reliance Indonesia ". This activity was expected to be a place to channel student creativity in the development of nation's Information and Communication Technology. Student as an important pillar in the development of the state, is expected to improve its ability in mastering ICT, and can develop great potential as agents of change through the development of science and technology now and then.

This event held nine competition categories and for each of these categories ITB pursued a proud achievement. For Smart Devices category, IC0S team consisting Ghifari Kawthar (Computer Science 2012), Henry Marcelinus Menori (Computer Science 2012), and Fahziar Riesad Wutono (Computer Science 2012) won the first place. For Data Mining category, LapanDua team struck by Winson Waisakurnia (Computer Science 2012), Willy (Computer Science 2012), and Susanti Gojali (Computer Science 2012) got also the first winner.

Furthermore, for ICT Business Development category, ITB won the third place with Happy Three Friends team that included Wira Gotama (Computer Science 2012), Melvin Fonda (Computer Science 2012), and Darwin Prasetio (Computer Science 2012); in the UX Design category, ITB team won third winner through YAKALEE team with the members Willy (Computer Science 2012), Kanya Paramita (Computer Science 2012), and Vidia Anindhita (Computer Science 2012); Programming category, lead ITB to win the second place via RJK team rolled by Kevin Valensius (Computer Science 2011), Ryan Ignatius Hadiwijaya (Computer Science, 2011), and James Jaya (Computer Science, 2011), and third place in the same category via AINGE CP team rolled by Luqman A. Siswanto (Computer Science 2013), Muhammad Visat Sutarno (Computer Science 2013), and Wiwit Rifa'i (Computer Science 2013).

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