ITB and ICESCO Morocco Collaborate on Workshop for Design Innovation and Circular Economy

Oleh Anggun Nindita

Editor Anggun Nindita

BANDUNG, – The Smart City and Community Innovation Center at Institut Teknologi Bandung (SCCIC ITB) joined hands with the Islamic World Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (ICESCO) of Morocco to organize the International Workshop for Smart Cities and Circular Green Economy on Tuesday-Wednesday (12-13/12/2023). This hybrid event, held at the East Auditorium of the IPTEKS CC, ITB Ganesha Campus, and online via Zoom meeting, focused on fostering discussions surrounding design innovation, circular economy, and technology for circular economy.

The workshop featured distinguished speakers, including Prof. Dr. Mohammed Essaidi, Dr. Dwinita Larasati S.Sn., MA., and Harry Anugrah Mawardi., S.Ds., M.Ds., who shared insights into key aspects of smart cities and circular economy.

Prof. Dr. Mohammed Essaidi emphasized the critical role of smart cities in driving circular and green economies, highlighting the characteristics and goals of these transformative urban spaces. He also shed light on key performance indicators and shared a compelling smart city use case in Casablanca, Morocco.

Dr. Dwinita Larasati elaborated on the transition toward a circular (creative) economy in Indonesia, emphasizing the shift from extraction-based practices to more intersecting and innovative approaches. She discussed the principles of the Indonesian Creative Cities Network and highlighted examples of circular economy initiatives, such as the Fashion Village Lab, aimed at addressing environmental and social challenges.

Harry Anugrah Mawardi further explored the concept of creative diplomacy as a means to foster societal improvement and international cooperation. He shared examples of creative diplomacy initiatives in West Java, including Governor Ridwan Kamil's engagement with IKEA in Sweden, which resulted in mutually beneficial collaborations and cultural exchanges.

The workshop provided a platform for in-depth discussions on leveraging design innovation, circular economy principles, and creative diplomacy to drive sustainable urban development and foster international cooperation.

Reporter: Gishelawati (Astronomy, 2019)
Translator: Firzana Aisya (Bioengineering, 2021)
Editor : Vera Citra Utami

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