Innovation Village: ITB 1981's Contribution for the Country

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BANDUNG, - To mark their history of participation in ITB's development, the alumnis from ITB 1981 will launch a program called the Innovation Village Program, targeted to run for 5 years. This program aims to maximize the utilization of local power in order to develop the people's economy and education.

In its initial step, the program will be applied in villages in southern Java and a few other villages outside Java. "We will keep on looking at alumni database to search for alumnis in specific regions in Indonesia in order to expand the program to these regions," Head of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Office Suhono Harso stated. This program includes the building of village cooperation offices as the wheels of venture capital for campus innovations. What needs to be done to specific villages will be determined from the outcome of focus group discussions between the alumnis.

ITB Alumni Contribution

In its application, the program will go in accordance to government programs, in particular are the programs of the Special Deputy Ministry of the Acceleration of Left-Behind Villages. Its head, Tatang Wiranto, stated that various villages throughout Java, Papua, Bengkulu, Jambi, and Central Borneo have tremendous potential in many aspects but are still poor.

The General Chairman of 30 Years of ITB 1981 Alumni, Sofia Alisjahbana, stated, "We will start applying this program to villages in Sukabumi and Garut. It will then expand to various others."

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