IEEE SC ITB Held Seminar on IoT, the Golden Opportunity in Digital Era

Oleh Mega Liani Putri

Editor Mega Liani Putri

BANDUNG, - On Tuesday (10/05/16), ITB Student Chapter of Institute of Electrical and Elctronic Engineers held INSTANCE (Inspiration at Glance: Explore IoT), a seminar on Internet of Things (IoT) for public. There were three speakers: Dr. Ir. Ary Setijadi Prihatmanto (Chairman of IEEE Computer Society Indonesia Chapter), Gibran Huzaifah (CEO eFishery), and Andri Yadi (CEO DycodeX).

The seminar was started by the explanation of IEEE SC ITB. Besides IEEE as an institute to publish scientific journals, it also holds many activities for the students, including seminar, training, and mentoring to write paper. Also, the institute becomes the meeting point of lecturers and students in doing research. The collaborations of ITB lecturers and students have been published through IEEE's website.

Then, Ary explained about IoT application in many industries, including petro chemistry, aeronautics, automotive, food, education, health, and entertainment. He also elaborated about how internet changes the industry to develop the long-distance control. Internet makes it possible to make a center of control to replace the convention control which had to be done exactly in location.

One of the IoT application on education is the multicampus program which is currently going in ITB. With the condition of two campuses, Ganesha and Jatinangot, ITB rely on IoT to connect them. The fasilitation is to provide long-distance learning, environmental control, and data transfer.

The nest to speakers, which are the alumni of ITB, found start-up based on IoT. Gibran founs eFishery on his second year in Biology as the innovation in controlling the feeding in fishpond. On the other hand, Andri developed DyCodeX from 2008, working on automatic machines like printer and drinking water bottling controlling. They shared their experiences in building the business they run.

The IoT technology has many potentials to be applied in many fields. Supported by the increasing of internet users, IoT is the future technology. "The generation like you guys have big opportunities by the existence IoT. Never lose the chance," Ary said.

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