Gembong Primadjaja, Chairman of The Alumni Association of ITB for 2021-2025 Periode

Oleh Adi Permana

Editor Vera Citra Utami

BANDUNG, - The 10th National Congress of the Alumni Association of Institut Teknologi Bandung (IA ITB) had been held on April 16-17, 2021, at the Gedung Balai Pertemuan Ilmiah ITB, a convention center located on Jl. Surapati, Bandung. The congress certified Gembong Primadjaja as the chairman of IA ITB for 2021-2025 period.

As of 16.00 WIB, Gembong won 5,798 votes out of 18,478 voters through the e-voting system on the site. He won 31.38% of the vote. Gembong, an alumnus of Mechanical Engineering batch 1986, was announced as chairman of IA ITB on Saturday (17/4/2021).

After being elected as chairman of IA ITB, Gembong invited the other seven candidates to build IA ITB jointly. Also, he did not forget to express his gratitude to all those who helped make the 10th Congress successful.

"The process of our democracy party and the 10th Congress of IA ITB has been going well and smoothly. Thank you to all alumni who have enlivened the alumni and congress activities. It is my commitment to fulfil everything I said during the campaign. Connecting The Dots, Alumni Finance Alumni, Indonesianisme, all of these have been launched. It will become a legacy in the upcoming official year. I know I can not do this alone. Therefore, I invite my seven best colleagues during the election period to build a glorious IA ITB together," In accordance with the release received by PR ITB, that was how Gembong explained.

In this IA ITB election, the number of competing candidates and participating voters was the highest throughout IA ITB history. The use of i-voting was a new milestone too to implement aspiration collection across generations and even continents.

Previously, on the first day, the 10th Congress of IA ITB was held in a hybrid format. More than 1,000 ITB alumni were registered to attend the 10th Congress. There were remarks from the Rector and IA ITB Council on the first day of the Congress. There was also the submission of accountability reports from the previous official of IA ITB under Ridwan Djamaluddin's leadership. The accountability reports were well received by the Regional Leaders, the Study Program Management, and the Commissariat.

On the second day, Congress held the organization's public policy assembly, IA ITB's statutes and bylaws changes, the next period's Supervisory Board appointment, and the IA ITB chairman election.

Reporter: Adi Permana

Translator: Zahra Annisa Fitri

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