Applying Green Campus Concept, ITB Jatinangor Campus has 82 Percent Green Land Coverage

Oleh Adi Permana

Editor Vera Citra Utami

BANDUNG,—ITB Jatinangor Campus implemented the green campus concept which will maintain the share of green land coverage to 82 percent. With the eco-campus vision, the Jatinangor Campus has implemented various policies and actions that are aimed to maintain local ecology.

Examples of those actions are the water conservation program in two reservoirs that help mitigate the impact of flooding in the Sumedang area and an integrated waste management system that converts organic waste to fertilizer. The waste disposal system is also equipped with an incinerator for medical waste, where it accepts waste from other Universities and gives it proper service.

Those were delivered by the Director of ITB Jatinangor Campus, Ir. Agus Jatnika Effendi, Ph.D., during the ITB Jatinangor Campus introduction section of the ITB Education Open House 2022, Friday (7/1/2022). This event was held in a hybrid manner at three locations, ITB Ganesha Campus, Jatinangor Campus, and Cirebon Campus.

Agus added, ITB Jatinangor Campus currently has 14 undergraduate study programs and 4 master study programs. As of October 2021, the number of students that study there reaches 2240. There are 16 active student associations, including associations from the Cirebon Campus and which is led by the Multicampus Governor. Lecture activities are conducted in the common lecture hall, GKU 1 and GKU 2.

There is also a co-working space, sports facilities, amphitheater, student dormitories, Students Service Centre, multimedia room, and counseling room so that the students can interact with each other and also receive help from the students' services. For the next semester, the hybrid learning system is planned to be implemented in all classes.

The only way to reach the campus is through land transportation and it took around 30-40 minutes from Bandung City during uncongested traffic. The schedule was organized so that lectures will start no earlier than 8 a.m. "Our campus activity indeed begins one hour later compared to that at the Ganesha Campus," he explained. "This was done to give time for our lecturers to make their way to the Jatinangor Campus.

ITB Jatinangor Campus is one of ITB's multicampus, with an objective of increasing the academic capacity by complementing each other of the three Campuses synergically. From there, seven principles of multicampus were determined, which are: excellence, relevance, integration, synergy, equality, effectivity, and inclusion.

Ir. Agus emphasized the equality aspect, which is when the facilities and activities in the Jatinangor Campus are equal with the other campus so that the students do not have to worry about the differences between the three campuses. Furthermore, he explained that the inclusion principle is important for the local community, especially to the Sumedang residents through community service actions.

Further information regarding the Open House schedule for the next 3 days can be accessed at or @admission.itb Instagram account.

Reporter: Ruth Nathania (Environmental Engineering, 2019)
Translator: Favian Aldilla R (Civil Engineering, 2019)

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