Pusat Penelitian Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi

ITB Research Center on Information and Communication Technology is one of ITB primary research centers. With over 3.5 billion earth populations still do not benefit from ICT deployment, we have decided to focus on developing and applying ICT to transform Indonesian communities into knowledge society, with special emphasis on rural communities. There are many challenges, including innovating rural next generation networks, designing affordable next generation computing, developing creative contents and knowledge society applications, as well as studying regulatory and policy issues. Our center manages innovations as well as the creativity of our researchers in facing those challenges. The center focuses on planning and implementing research programs to develop ICT technology, components, products, systems, solutions, applications, services, and regulation concepts for successful implementation in (rural) communities.

The long term objectives are:

  • No Indonesian is left behind in the development of knowledge society through ICT applications, including those in low income communities and rural areas.
  • Development of digital economy and ICT industry of Indonesia
  • Development of ICT institutional competence and reputation to achieve world class level.

The center put efforts to generate values for its stakeholder interests. Targets of the center program are five stakeholders, i.e.:

  • Indonesian society, toward knowledge society. All people in communities can benefit from affordable ICT technologies and services such that they are empowered to be productive entrepreneurial, smart-collaborative, and creative-expressive within Indonesian context.
  • Public sector, toward e-Services. Public services can be effective, of high quality, and efficient.
  • Government, toward e-Government. Government internal processes and services can function well, efficient, and free from corruptions. In addition, democratic society can be supported.
  • Industry (including state owned enterprises) toward global ICT industry. National industry can grow in global competition, and has a dominating market share in Indonesia.
  • Indonesia scientific community and research institutions toward world class institution. National institutes acquire strategic science and technology. Scientific community can grow in an environment and cultures conducive toward a world class level in producing new sciences and technologies.