Pusat Penelitian Biosains dan Bioteknologi

Center for Research on Bioscience and Biotechnology is a research and development unit at ITB that focusing the activities on the development of innovative and excellent research and technology related with life sciences and at the same time also conducting many community services. The research and development are mainly aimed to promote added value of bioresources by following three consecutive steps: (1) conducting basic research, (2) conducting applied research, and (3) developing product/technology. All research and development conduct with approach to inter multidisciplinary field of life sciences for a goal to increase people welfare through science technology product that could be adopted and applied at any local conditions (biological, economical, technical, and socio-cultural), furthermore, it could improve national competitiveness in the era of globalization. As a follow up to the purpose above, program activities of the center is mainly grouped into five main programs including (1) food and feed technology, 2) development of natural-based pharmaceutical/medic product, (3) environmental bioremediation technology, (4) development of agricultural and aquaculture related products, and (5) conducting internship and education to the community.

The center for life sciences activities are expressed in the form of research programs, product development and technology commercialization Spin-off, training internship, and dedication to the community. In order to implement the program activities, the center is equipped with several facilities such as mycology lab, natural product analysis lab, tissue culture lab, ecology lab, animal lab and bioremediation lab. Based on the availability of human resources and facility, the center for life sciences also perform some analytical services on soil biochemical property analysis, microbiological analysis, extraction and identification of bioactive substances, and animal toxicity test for bioassesment. It could be stated that Center for Research on Bioscience and Biotechnology has an integrated program starting from research-development application and at the same time the community empowerment is also put as a serious consideration action need to be prioritized.