Priana Sudjono

Lektor Kepala

Nama : Dr.Ir. Priana Sudjono MS,Dipl.Eng.
Kelompok Keahlian : Teknologi Pengelolaan Lingkungan
Sekolah / Fakultas : Fakultas Teknik Sipil dan Lingkungan
Jabatan Fungsional : Lektor Kepala
S1 ITB Bandung Indonesia 1981
SP1 James Cook University of North Queensland Engineering Australia
S2 ITB Bandung Indonesia 1986
S3 Saga University Saga Jepang 1998
  • CR 1602 - The Role of Mechanisme for Nutrient Transformation and Transportation in Small Seep Sloped Catchment in Topical Area (2017)
  • CR 1701 - The Role of Runoff Mechanisms for Nutrient Transportation in Steep-Sloped Catchment of Tropical Area (2017)
  • CR 1501 - Development of Computation Model to Estimate DO and BOD in a Small River Using Streeter - Phelps Equation. Case Study:Upstream Site of Citarum River (2015)
  • CR1401 - Developing the model to predict the pollutant in the river (2014)
  • Vongthanasunthorn, N., Koga, K., Araki, H., Liengcharernsit, W., Booij, N., Yorozu, H., Koga, J., Sudjono, P. (2000) Water quality management for tidal river in urban area, Water Studies, Vol. 7, pp. 347-356. (Internasional)
  • Sudjono, P. (1995) A mathematical concept of runoff prediction model for small tropical catchment areas, Water Science and Technology, Vol. 31, Issue 9, pp. 27-36. DOI: 10.1016/0273-1223(95)00403-A(Internasional)