Undergraduate Program in Visual Communication Design

General Information

Visual Communication Design (DKV) is a branch of the design sciences that studies how to deliver messages using creative expressions to achieve certain goals, such as providing information or persuasion (as in advertising). The techniques and media that use visual elements to convey the message are also studied. What is interesting here is that the visual communication designer should be able to process the message in an effective, informative, and communicative way.

There are a lot of the basic subjects taught in the study program of Visual Communication Design, including developing forms of visual language (play of images) and processing messages (play of words) for both social and commercial purposes, either from individuals or groups. Visualization must be creative and innovative, while the core messages should be communicative, efficient, and effective. Both must support each other to be well delivered to the target.

The scope of work of a visual communication designer is very vast, ranging from designing product labels, logos which reflect institutions or companies (branding), promotional packages and campaigns of a program, to the design of mass media advertising.

Unlike artists (in this case, graphic artists) whose work is created as their personal expression, the works produced by a designer of visual communication emphasize on the concept aimed at and intended for target audience. There are majors in the study program of Visual Communication Design that can be selected before Semester VI, namely:

  1. Graphic Design Communications
  2. Advertising Visual Communications
  3. Inter-media Communications
Basically Graphic Design Communications and Advertising Visual Communications process visual language in static media. The skills of communication, typography, illustration and photography become the factors that must be mastered. With his expertise, a graphic designer can create logos, magazine/newspaper designs, sign systems, packaging designs, product promotional packages, and others. Advertising designers are capable of designing an attractive and efficient visualization for the purpose of persuasion, repacking the image of a product/program/campaign with a good visual language culminated in the change of behavior of the target audience.

Meanwhile, Multimedia Communications leads to the dynamic time and audio-based media. Animation, web design, interactive media, to directing the film are a few examples of the jobs of a multimedia designer.