Undergraduate Program in Visual Communication Design

Undergraduate Program in Visual Communication Design (DKV) FSRD ITB aims to produce designers and researchers in the field of visual communication with leadership, critical thinking, creativity, skills, and sensitivity in developing works as solutions to various visual communication issues (related to information, identity, or persuasion) in society. This study program teaches knowledge and skills and trains students' sensitivity in designing visual communication through project-based learning carried out systematically, from research, idea development, and prototyping to the execution of creating works with various media as needed.

Research Topic
Learning at DKV FSRD ITB is divided into four pathways that will become specializations for graduates: Graphic Design, Advertising Visual Communication, and Multimedia Visual Communication, which are carried out at the ITB Ganesa campus, as well as the Digital Visual Narration pathway, which is carried out at the ITB Jatinangor campus. Some of the main study topics that characterize the DKV FSRD ITB study program are the study of target audiences, visual language, and digital technology with an emphasis on exploring the archipelago's cultural heritage as a basis for developing graphic communication designs.

Visual Communication Design FSRD ITB develops several collaborations with industry at the national and international levels, including with several related professional associations such as the Indonesian Visual Communication Design Professional Association (AIDIA), Indonesian Graphic Design Association (ADGI), Indonesian Animation Industry Association (AINAKI), and Indonesian Game Association (AGI). 

Career Prospect
Through this collaboration, Visual Communication Design FSRD ITB ensures the prospects of its graduates to be able to work mainly in the creative industries in the visual communication design, film & animation, advertising, game, and application development sectors with various job roles such as graphic designer, UI/UX designer, game designer, character designer, illustrators, concept artists, animators, videographers, photographers, art directors, etc.

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