General Information

Art is a branch of art science which studies the aesthetics of art, either in theory or practice. This way art students are expected to be able to create artworks based on the understanding of the art sciences and current cultural development.

For the study program of Art, FSRD ITB has a distinguished character as an art institution integrated with science and technology. Encompassing science and technology eventually forms the mindset that leads to more in-depth scientific art studies and adaptive attitude towards the development of current culture; hence the produced artworks will have high relevance with the developments in science and technology and the growing issues in society.

The study program of Art has five main courses in Painting, Sculpture, Graphics , Ceramics, and Inter-media Arts. In the Painting course, various styles of painting are studied, so are the media exploration and the search for formal expressions. In Sculpture course, basics of sculpting and understanding of materials and three-dimensional shapes are taught. The Graphic course teaches conventional printing techniques, photography, and digital printing. In Ceramics course, art manufacturing techniques through clay medium which covers several processes ranging from formation, and coloring until the burning process, are studied. While the Inter-media course teaches various forms of artworks by combining multiple media, not only in visual form but also in the form of motion and sound.

What is no less interesting from the Study Programme of Art is the extensive range of research and use of materials in the artwork manufacturing process, so that the creativity can be developed by immense visual possibilities. Also, those interested in art theory can further study it by selecting and concentrating on a specific study area, such as art history, art philosophy, art criticism, art management, and others.

For additional competence, the study program of Art provides a package of minor and elective courses; thus one majoring in Painting can also learn the basics of Sculpture or Graphic Art.