General Information

Industrial Design is a study program that studies the design and the manufacture of products as the solution to the problems based on the study of human comfort as users and the development of the surrounding industrial principles. For example, in addition to making products that are safe and comfortable to use, it should also be economical and in accordance with the needs and desires of their users.

In an attempt to solve a problem in the field of Industrial Design, several approaches are taken towards interdisciplinary aspects, including: aesthetic, social, cultural, technological, management, environmental, and science aspects.

Competency of Graduates

Industrial Design graduate competence is with the specificity on the field of product designs, where they are expected to have:
  • The ability to design products creatively and able to implement particular scientific applications in the design of a comprehensive product with various approaches/premises on the problem.
  • The ability to examine objects and problems of product design.
  • The ability to communicate product design ideas either orally, written, or visually.
  • The ability to work well both interdisciplinary or independently in accordance with each expertise.