General Information

The study program of interior design studies the relationship between man and his various activities with the space in the building both physically, psychologically, and aesthetically (in this case that is related to beauty). In this study program, the students will be invited to think laterally in solving human problems that are associated with space.

To create a good interior design, some subjects are taught, including the subject on furniture, theory of colors, theory of shapes, history of design and architecture, psychology, structure, construction, physics of building, and others. In addition to those, the students will also be trained in forming their discipline, ethics, and dedication to the work.

For example, space designed for children will of course be different with the space designed for adults. Physical shapes and sizes of children and adults are very different, which will result in differences in spatial dimension. Besides, the needs and interests as well as the tendency for shapes and colors for children and adults are also very different. During the study at the study program of Interior Design, the students will learn about the space in apartment buildings, houses, shops, offices and public space i.e. hotels, airports, shopping malls, hospitals, and others. It is of course very exciting.