General Information

Forests are important biological resources for Indonesia due to their role in providing various forest products, both timber and non-timber, as well as its environmental services. Forest areas make up more than 70% of Indonesia’s land area, which is more than 130 million hectares in total. The preservation of Indonesia’s forests is currently threatened by high rates of deforestation and land degradation. The development of West Java forestry is part of national development. The forest area in West Java has decreased from 21,3% to 19%. It is hoped that the forest area in West Java can be rehabilitated through the program that has been planned and will be executed by the West Java Provincial Government. To support this program, human resources are needed, especially those from West Java. One of which is through education in the Forestry Biosystem Engineering Study Program.
Forestry Engineering (BW) is an interdisciplinary of Forestry Science and Engineering that is applied in bioprocess and biosystem-based engineering, in order to preserve the forest, manipulating forest to achieve the sustainable benefit, and construct new forests. The learning of Forestry Engineering focuses on a holistic perspective that places forest as an ecosystem that must be studied with the concept of their relationship with various environmental, economic, and social-community aspects.
The main competencies of Forestry Engineering are directed to maintaining, manipulating, and constructing forests using engineering principles to achieve optimal energy and material efficiency, as well as applying various available technologies to build and manage forests.
Lectures for the Forestry Engineering Study Program will be held at two ITB campuses, namely Ganesa campus and Jatinangor campus.

Career Prospects
Several fields that require forestry competencies labor are such as the forestry industry, forest management in government and private agencies, non-governmental organizations (NGO), forestry entrepreneurs, and other professions.