The undergraduate Program in Crafts is one of the oldest study programs in Indonesia, focusing on the efforts to utilize a variety of crafts in Indonesia.Since 1975, the Undergraduate Program in Craft has significantly contributed to developing creative industries in Indonesia and abroad. 

Research Topics
Craft includes knowledge and expertise based on skill, dexterity, and mastery of the medium, which is now multi-interdisciplinary and contextual. The close connection between art and history, the environment, and the traditions of the people who create it shows a dialectical understanding of modernity in the constellation of the progress of the spirit of the times.

  • Textile Craft: This pathway focuses on creating textile products for fashion, interiors, accessories, etc. Students will learn various concepts, motifs, raft designs, background designs, materials and dyes, fibers, threads, fabrics, smart textile, and other
  • Ceramic Craft: This pathway focuses on making ceramic craft innovations based on techniques and processes for making ceramics, ceramic materials, and decorations, as well as combinations of other materials in the ceramic craft.

The undergraduate Program in Craft gives birth to medium-empowered creative artisans towards wearables who see the world of craft as a dynamic-progressive science and skill. That is, apart from being aware of traditional and modern craft activities where artifacts, ethnographic, and traditional art form the basis--it is also exploratory, adaptive, and even inventive toward existing problems and needs, including his fluency in reading the medium as a dynamic of science and technology both in the field of expertise/scientific textiles and ceramics, which has an impact on the creation of networks and potential stakeholders.

Career Prospects
Fabric designers, craft artists, designer consultants, interior fabric designers, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, fashion editors & wardrobe, etc.

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