General Information

Chemistry and chemical materials can be found in all our daily life. From our food, clothing, fuel, medication to construction materials is chemical materials and uses Chemistry. Most of these materials are not available from nature; hence it is produced from chemical process or chemically synthesized.

Chemistry specializes in the study at molecular level of matter through its composition, behaviour, structure, its chemical interaction and its chemical properties that it produced (contrary to Physics that study matter in a more general and fundamental way).

Classification of matter that is the subject of study within Chemistry is organic, in-organic and biochemistry materials. The investigation of these materials was done using analytical Chemistry developed by Analytical Chemistry research group. Understanding of the chemical-physics properties in terms of chemical composition and its structure as well as the energy contained at atomic and molecular level were studied by the Chemical Physics research group.

The study of chemical compound starts with a separation and purification. Nowadays, separation is done with gas chromatography and liquid chromatography, most recent techniques uses High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC). Spectroscopy techniques and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) is used to determine the chemical structure of the compound. For biochemical materials, various techniques and facilities is used to investigate the chemical properties that take part in human cell. For example, how to obtain the genes from bacterial cells, splice the genes and engineered for a special purpose (genetic engineering).

Using the aforementioned facilities and techniques, a Chemist explores and develops Chemistry into new domain of technology, for example nano-technology, bio-technology and material science. For these multidiscipline endeavours, Chemistry needs other sciences, for example in developing bio-technology, Chemist have to work together with Biologist and Medical doctors. Therefore in its research, from time to time, the Chemistry Study Program collaborate with Chemical Engineering Study Program, in particular the development of catalyst that is very important in chemical industries.