Biology is a scientific discipline that studies living organisms, including animals, plants, and microorganisms. In the Bachelor of Biology Program at the School of Life Sciences and Technology (SITH) at ITB, students are taught about biological systems, starting from the smallest system, which is the cell, to the largest  system, which is the earth itself or the biosphere. The understanding gained from these systems can be used to address societal issues, particularly in the fields of food, health,  environment, and energy. The Bachelor Program in Biology at the School of Life Sciences and Technology (SITH) at ITB always delivers biology-related materials that are in line with the current technological advancements.

Currently, the Bachelor of Biology Program has obtained international accreditation (ASIIN) and  is valid until September 2027.

Research Topic 
The learning approach in the Biology program at SITH is based on the development of biology as a science, which tends to focus on the molecular level on one side, and the biosphere level on the other. One of the focuses of teaching and research, in line with the demands of the 4.0 revolution, is the use of big data to solve problems within biological systems. In addition, this program is also at the forefront of national studies in the field of health, particularly in genetic therapy using system cell technology and genetic engineering.

In the field of food, we actively develops various alternative products that can contribute to the national food security  sustainability program. In the field of environment, we develops the concept of conservation management that not only  preserves the environmental balance but also provides added value to the surrounding communities.

In carrying out these programs, we collaborates with institutions both domestically and internationally. Through a curriculum and learning approach that always keeps up with the advancement of knowledge, graduates are expected to be ready to compete at both national and international levels.

Career Prospect 
Graduates of the Biology program at SITH have the potential to pursue careers in various sectors, including government agencies such as the Department of Agriculture, Department of Forestry, Department of Health, Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, or Ministry of Environment at both central and regional levels. Besides government agencies, Biology graduates can also work in the industrial sector, particularly in areas related to food, pharmaceuticals, mining, and others.

Career opportunities can also be found in various research institutions, educational institutions, entrepreneurship, and non-governmental organizations or community-based organizations.

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