General Information

Biology is the science that studies living things, i.e. animals, plants and microorganisms. Several aspects that will be studied i.e. genetics, structure of organisms, the development of organisms, physiology, ecology, behavioural biology, evolution, and even its application in society.

There are many interesting things in the universe which one will encounter when studying biology. Then, what are the advantages of biological sciences that are being taught in university compared with that already taught in high school? As a technology-based institute, of course, studies of life sciences at ITB are more in-depth and adjusted with recent developments in technology, given that the present and future is called the Era of Biotechnology. At the study programme of Biology, we will learn about gene engineering, tissue culture, pest control, forest conservation, stem cell, and others. Knowledge learned can be applied to other fields, e.g. medicine, agriculture, fisheries, agriculture, forestry, environment, and technology which is commonly called biotechnology.

Another interesting fact of the study programme of Biology is that is has wide range of researches, hence students can develop creativity and curiosity. For example, students interested in researching cancer may conduct it here. Students who are interested in becoming entrepreneurs also can develop their interests by choosing to concentrate on the study of certain sciences, such as the development of low-cost fish feed with highquality, food production with the help of bacteria and fungi (e.g. yogurt, cheese), the management of ornamental plants, etc.

The learning process is not less interesting. In the study programme of Biology one will experience field trip—learning activities that are conducted outdoors. Ujung Kulon National Park and the West Bali National Park are examples of the field trip destinations. One can observe animal behaviour, natural phenomena, and also practice the theories already learned in class.

Every science cannot stand alone, so is the case for the biological sciences. Some sciences related to biology are mathematics, physics, and chemistry. These three sciences are invaluable tools in understanding biological process. Mathematics is important for Biology students, for many processes in nature need to be converted into simpler model. On the other hand, how insects walk on water surface is one of the phenomena that can be explained by the concept of physics. Last but not least, the reactions that occur in bodies of living organisms i.e. process of photosynthesis, food digestion, search for pairs in insects (which uses pheromones, a natural hormone which is able to attract the insects of the opposite sex), working mechanism and the formation of hormones, are inseparable part of chemistry.