General Information

The study program of Architecture of ITB is the first architecture educational institution in Indonesia. ITB Architectural Education was planned based on the extensive knowledge in dealing with the challenges of cultural changes, and the rapid progress of technology and economy in the future. The learning process applied is the student-centered learning, where the lecturers position themselves as facilitators instead of teachers. The creation of a dynamic learning atmosphere is created through group interaction activities, peer-group and the jury system.

Design as the core competence of architecture profession and scientific discipline is built in the integrated studio in which students explore the architectural design that gradually increases to be more diverse, complex and integrated by considering the aesthetic, cultural, historical, environmental, practical, and technical dimensions. An architectural design activity is seen as a problem setting, an exploration process to determine which decisions can be implemented, what results can be achieved, and what steps to achieve it. The development of creative ideas is aimed to obtain an optimal solution that can meet the interests of various parties which are often conflicting. This capability has to be developed as this will become the benchmark for success of the architectural profession in the future.

The architecture bachelor program emphasis is in the studio. The developed learning model includes the teaching field of:

  • Tread design
  • Design of buildings based on the typology (hospitals, museum, schools, shopping centers)
  • Structure designs and construction
  • Design of housing and settlements
  • Design with a specific approach: tectonics and shape
Other subjects to broaden the students' architecture perspective and to support the skills as outlined in the studio, include: Architectural Space and Shape, Visual Design, Structure, Construction and Materials, Asian and Archipelago Architecture, Design Method and Approach, Building System and Utilities, Urban Architecture, Theory and Criticism of Architecture, and Professional Practice.

School of Architecture, Planning, and Policy Development's Bachelor Programs