Dody Dharma
Dody Dharma ST,MT
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  • S1 Institut Teknologi Bandung Bandung Indonesia

  • S2 Institut Teknologi Bandung Bandung Indonesia

  • Pengembangan Teknologi Pengelolaan Data Spasial untuk Model Korporasi pada Platform Google Maps (2016)

  • Dwikatama P.A., Dharma D., Kistijantoro A.I.
    Fluid Simulation Based on Material Point Method with Neural Network (2019)

  • Dharma D., Munir R., Siregar T.D.K.
    Interaction between fluid and solid body surfaces in fluid simulation using material-point method (2018)

  • Pricilla C., Lestari D.P., Dharma D.
    Designing Interaction for Chatbot-Based Conversational Commerce with User-Centered Design (2018)

  • Purnama A., Akbar S., Dharma D.
    Adjustment of Difficulty Level on Wobble Board-Based Game Using Monte Carlo Tree Search Algorithm (2018)

  • Arif A., Ulfa Maulidevi N., Dharma D., Rizky Alimansyah M., Prabowo T.
    An Interactive Kinect-Based Game Development for Shoulder Injury Rehabilitation (2018)

  • DODY DHARMA S.T, M.T, Mastura Diana Mariska, Cliff Jonathan, A. Imam Kistidjantoro, Afwarman Manaf
    Benchmarking on Optimization of Material Point Method based Fluid Simulation using Parallel Computing on Multicore CPU and GPU (2017)

  • Dharma D., Jonathan C., Kistidjantoro A.I., Manaf A.
    Material point method based fluid simulation on GPU using compute shader (2017)

  • Suwardi I.S., Dharma D., Satya D.P., Lestari D.P.
    Geohash index based spatial data model for corporate (2015)

  • Dharma D., Manaf A.
    Interactive fluid simulation based on material point method for mobile devices (2015)

  • 1st Winner ($10,000) in National Innovation Competition on Smart Mobile Ecosystem2013
    Project : Real Time Simulation Framework for Mobile Interactive Application

  • Imagine Cup 2009 - Windows Mobile Award2009
    International Microsoft Imagine Cup 2009 1st Place in Windows Mobile Award