Pusat Teknologi Instrumentasi dan Otomasi

Center for Instrumentation Technology and Automation (CITA), officially established on 21 September 2005, is an interdisciplinary society that involved in assessment, research, and training particularly in automation technology, control and industrial instrumentation. The scope and application of instrumentation system is wide and diverse, thus requires inter-disciplinary approach and management. Therefore, CITA intensively strengthen its root through collaboration and synergy among various research laboratories in ITB, focused in instrumentation and control applications. This strategy has gained external recognitions from various industrial partners, those of which faithfully participated in CITA's research and training activities. Another CITA's contribution to the development in Instrumentation and technology is as one of founders of the 'Jurnal of Otomasi, Kontrol dan Instrumentasi' (Journal of Automation, Control and Instrumentation), of which managed by the 'Masyarakat Otomasi, Kontrol dan Instrumentasi' (Society of Automation, Control and Instrumentation). In 2011 the journal has publhised the 3rd volume, available in hard copies and online subscription in http://journal.engineering.or.id.


Provides practical and innovative solutions in improving the quality and efficiency of industry.


Optimizing the potential and functional of automation, control and insrumentation technology.


The center's activities emphasized instrumentation on applied research, product development, and training course that require inter-disciplinary activities. There are seven (7) focuses on activities that are developed and implemented at CITA, namely:
  1. Metrology & Sensor
  2. Analytics Instrumentation
  3. Instrumentation and Control design
  4. Industrial Process Automation
  5. Industrial optimization
  6. Training courses
  7. Journal Publication