Pusat Rekayasa Industri

Center for Industrial Engineering began from the Inter-University Center Engineering Science of ITB (PAU-IR ITB), which was established in 1985 and is organizationally under the management of DIKTI - DEPDIKBUD. But, then, since 1997, PAU-IR ITB management submitted to the ITB and followed with the name of the PAU-IR-ITB to Inter-University Research Center for Engineering Science ITB (PPAU-IR-ITB), which is structurally located under coordination of Research Institute (LP) of ITB. In 2003, PPAU-IR ITB again experienced the organization structure changing, the status changed to the Research Group under the coordination of 3 (three) research centers, includes the Research Center for Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation, Center for Research of Communication and Information Technology. PPAU name changed to Research Group of Geotechnical Science and Engineering (KPP-IR&G ITB) and is expected to run integrated and applied research. In middle of 2004, all Center and Research Group of ITB has been frozen including KPP-IR & G-ITB. In the year 2005 the ex- KPP-IR & G ITB proposes the establishment of new Center by the name of Center for Industrial Engineering Center Institute of Technology Bandung (PRI).

Unlike the KPP-IR & G-ITB, the ITB-PRI fully supported by 5 (five) Research Groups which is a fusion of 6 (six) KPP IR & G laboratory. Those research groups are includes Research Groups of Integrity Structure and Dynamics, Research Group of Industrial-Energy Engineering, Research Group of Ecohydraulics, Research Group of Geotechnical Engineering, Research Group Building- Structure Engineering. Each Research Group has a work plan and the road map of their research respective.