Pusat Perencanaan dan Pengembangan Kepariwisataan

The Center for Tourism Planning and Development (P-P2Par) ITB is a pioneer of tourism research center in Indonesia. Its ground-breaking role and continuous contribution to improve tourism society was established with the tribute given by The Department of Culture and Tourism in 2004. Being one of a small number of tourism research centers in Indonesia, P-P2Par ITB focuses itself in conducting research to support both national and regional tourism development and trainings to endorse the capacity of tourism human resources. National and regional tourism are currently holding strategic roles in economic development. Tourism is become a leading sector in almost every region in Indonesia, even in national development scope. P-P2Par ITB has interwoven cooperation with both central and regional development in formulating tourism policies as well as increasing the capacity of tourism human resources, mainly at managerial level and decision makes.

P-P2Par ITB has also carried out numerous tourism researches to extend knowledge, either self-financed or by external parties. In disseminating tourism knowledge, P-P2Par ITB continually publishes a tourism bulletin three times a year, and an internationally acclaimed tourism journal-Asean Journal on Hospitality and Tourism twice a year. The whole publication discloses the rewriting of tourism research both are done by P-P2Par and external researchers, and discusses the emergence of tourism issues. Sharing knowledge is also performed by organizing tourism trainings.

The relationship between P-P2Par and tourism training participants is always detached and extends to consultancy phase in formulating tourism development guidelines. As a research center that inhabits a realm of higher studies, P-P2Par ITB sustains a task to actively involved in building intellectuality of Indonesia tourism society, as well as enhancing tourism body of knowledge, by constantly committing in creating concrete contribution for tourism development in Indonesia. PP2Par ITB has a target as become a think-tank institution on tourism in Indonesia.