Pusat Pengembangan Kawasan Pesisir dan Laut

The Center for Coastal and Marine Development of ITB was established in 2005. However the center actually is an extension of the Center for Marine Research which was established in 1992. The center for Coastal and Marine Development of ITB is responsible to conduct research in the field of coastal and marine with the aim to contribute in utilizing coastal and marine resources and solving problems related to coastal and marine issues. The center is strong in coastal and ocean modeling and has shown its capability in modeling to assist the Technical Departments, Local Governments and Private Companies solving problems in coastal development, fisheries and degradation of the environment. Since 2005 the center has developed Tsunami Division which responsible in conducting research in Indonesian tsunami. This division has developed Tsunami Model and software for tsunami database and has given substantial contribution in making simulation of Aceh and Pangandaran tsunamis and providing tsunami inundation maps for West Sumatera (Padang), Bengkulu and Bali. To help local governments in setting up the development of their coastal and marine areas, the center has established software for Information System for coastal and marine resource. Developing and Integrating Pre-calculated Tsunami Database Model for whole Indonesian region into Indonesian Tsunami Early Warning System.