Pusat Pemodelan Matematika dan Simulasi

The usage of mathematical modeling and simulation in many branches of science and technology is predicted to become familiar and to attract much attention to many researchers. To promote the roles of mathematics in modeling and simulation, ITB founded a center for research on the application of mathematics, named as P4M (Pusat Penelitian dan Pengembangan dan Penerapan Matematika) in 1994. Since 2007 the name of the center has become the center for Research on Mathematical Modeling and Simulation (P2MS). In the past few years, P2MS has consistently shown its direction towards an applied profile by carefully moving into a multi-disciplinary center. The task to create the linkages among scientists, engineers, and industry practitioners requires solid group in which P2MS is currently, actively building this group involving local and international scientists. A major breakthrough has been indicated from the success of P2MS in coordinating a Research Consortium: OPPINET (Optimization on Gas and Oil Pipeline Network) sponsored by major Indonesian Oil and Gas Companies since 2001. Collaborations with a number of institutions, national as well as international, have been built and constantly developed.

The aims of the center are:

  1. To be a center of science and research in mathematical modeling and simulation
  2. To link its research to real industrial problems
  3. To create linkages among scientists, engineers, and industrial practitioners
  4. To contribute into national development through graduate multi-disciplinary research activities
  5. To pursue international level in scientific achievement

Our research priorities are:

  1. Optimization in natural resources such as optimizing gas and oil pipeline networks and multiphase flow in porous media
  2. Geophysical and atmospheric inversion problems
  3. Environmental studies such as hydrology and groundwater modeling Non-linear waves such as wave-current interactions and tidal waves in water surface waves