Pusat Kebijakan Publik dan Kepemerintahan

Special Quality/ Excellence

  1. As a center focusing in developing the application of science, technology and art for the sake of state and nation.
  2. Functioned itself as agent of change in determining regulatory framework and institutional framework for public policy and governance.
  3. As a center giving contribution to develop law and regulation for local government.
  4. Conducting study, application, encouragement and implementation of good governance both for public and private sectors.
  5. Establishing network with various governmental, academic, NonGovernmental institutions and other associations both in Indonesia and abroad.


  1. Preparing academic script for various local law and regulation.
  2. Organizing training for regulation makers (DPR and DPRD), and state official both in central and local governments.
  3. Establishing network with various parties related to good governance in Indonesia and abroad.
  4. Applied research to address public interest especially problem solving and finished with proposing academic script for local law and regulation.

Statement of responsibility

  1. Application of interdisciplinary science, technology and art from various research group existed in ITB.
  2. As a coordinator, executor and integrator of various UKS, KK, Study Programs and Schools/Faculties.
  3. Building ITB's staff capability and capacity in applicating science, technology and art.
  4. Giving responses to public needs related to good governance and Public Policy.