Pusat Kebijakan Keenergian

The Center for Research on Energy Policy (CREP) is one of research centers of Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB), Indonesia. The Center was established in 1980 and formerly known as the Center for Research on Energy of ITB (CRE-ITB). The major research areas of the Center are analysis of policies of energy-related development issues, including energy and environment and sustainable development. The strength of the Center is its capability in viewing energy development from multidisciplinary perspectives. The main activities of CREP-ITB include energy technology assessment, studies on energy and energy-related environmental problems, dissemination of new energy technologies, energy-environment policy analysis, and study and development of an information base for transfer and exchange processes that include publication, training, and conferences. The mission of CREP-ITB is to conduct energy and energy-related policy studies and to offer public authorities and civil society independent advice with respect to energy and environmental issues. The Center is to work closely with the central as well as regional government and other stakeholders in national level as well as international level. Our research strategy is characterized by a combination of independent academic orientation and constructive approach of commercial consultancy services.