Pusat Infrastruktur Data Spasial

PIDS ITB had long experience helping Bakosurtanal develop national spatial data infrastructure (NSDI) and other institution to develop spatial data infrastructure (SDI). This experience is a predominance of PIDS ITB. With its experience, PIDS ITB becomes a master on concept and technology of spatial data infrastructure. As an institution, which aimed to become the spatial data infrastructure center of excellence in Indonesia, PIDS ITB has given colors to decision making on developing NSDI. In 2009, Bakosurtanal and PIDS ITB focus to developed national standard of SDI education system to support all level of organization. In the end of the year, we had produced a curriculum and several modul.

This program will continue in several years ahead until we produce education tool kit, reference book, and distributed it to other centers (PPIDS). Spatial data is basic information to national development and environmental issue. Without it, we can do nothing. This is our responsibility to provide a good spatial data infrastructure, so spatial data can grow and used optimally. Although the current PIDS infrastructures are minimum, it has achieved optimum result in the year of 2009. If the supports from national and international public raise in the forthcoming years, this center will be continuously grow and will give a lot of benefits to ITB and Indonesia.