Pusat Artificial Intelligence

The Center for Artificial Intelligence (AI) ITB is a Center established by ITB in August 16 2019 with a vision to become a leading center for the development of Artificial Intelligence in national and international level, and able to produce research products and innovations that is beneficial to the welfare of society .

The mission of the ITB AI Center is:

  1. Produce various research and innovation products in the Artificial field Intelligence that is beneficial to the welfare of society;
  2. Improving the quality of Artificial Intelligence research at ITB including those
  3. multi-disciplinary research as a result of collaboration between research group;
  4. Increasing the collaboration of Artificial Intelligence research between ITB and industry, government and other research institutions both domestically and abroad;
  5. Encourage the advancement of Artificial Intelligence education; and
  6. Encourage understanding of the application of Artificial Intelligence in the community.