Program Studi Magister Sains Manajemen

Informasi Umum

The mission of this program is to educate scholars to become expert researchers, and to produce a wide range of research for the advancement of management science in Indonesia. Our graduates are expected to have managerial knowledge, quantitative and qualitative thinking methodologies, decision making skills, statistical data analysis, and ability to report and to describe their opinion in the form of a thesis.

Our courses are designed for the graduates to have developed skills in formulating research problems as well as in research execution. Our graduates have excellent careers in academics and also in many fields of government and private companies.

Our program offers six concentrations:

  1. People and Knowledge Management
  2. Operations and Performance Management
  3. Business Strategy and Marketing
  4. Business Risks and Finance
  5. Entrepreneurship Studies and Technology Management
  6. Decision Making and Strategic Negotiations