Studium Generale IMA-G: Building Professionalism in Working Environment using Student's Idealism

Oleh Krisna Murti

Editor -

Bandung, - Monday (26/11), Architecture Student Union "Gunadharma" (IMA-G) held a studium generale entitled "Building Professionalism in Working Environment using Student's Idealism." The event was held in West Hall ITB since 9 am. Actually, committee has invited five nationally-recognized speakers for the seminar. Unfortunately only two attended the event, i.e Hatta Radjasa, Ministry of Secretary of The State and Mohamad Iqbal, Head of PKKU. In front of at least 150 students, the two VIP speakers spoke about the importance of students' idealism and its roles on post-graduation life of students. Next, the two speakers involved in discussion session with students attending the event. Committee hoped that the event may revitalized students' spirit since most think students idealism is not that important anymore. "Through this event, we hope that ITB students aware that students idealism is able to be implemented in working environment," said Rangga, Architecture Student 2004, as head of the event.

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