Soemardja Award Aims to Increase Arts Education's Prominence Amidst the Academic World

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BANDUNG, - One of the forms of appreciation to arts in ITB is the Soemardja Award; an award event aiming at choosing the best student and best young artist in the ITB Arts & Design School. The event was held in the Soemardja Gallery, named after the same person in which the award is based upon. The Best Student award was given to M.R. Adytama Pranada (Graphics Design 2005) and the Best Young Artist award was won by J. Aditya Pramuhendra.

Long and Arduous Process Involved

In the Best Student category, six students were compared in the final nomination. Each of them came from different studios; painting, ceramics, sculpting, and graphic arts. All of them were proposed by lecturers in those studios. Their creations were graded by the judging team directly in the gallery.

The graphic arts studio was represented by M.R. Adytama Pranada with his work titled "Existing Memoirs-Existing Being" and Zaldy Armansyah with a work titled "Zzzzzzzzz". The painting studio was represented by Edward Bonaparte with his work "Look Up to The Skies and See" and Windi Apriani with his painting "Beranjak Menghapus". The ceramics studio was represented by Sekarputri Sidhiawati and her work "Diary of The Queen". Last was the sculpting studio with William Wahyu Waluyo and his work "Euphoria".

The Best Young Artist category was given to a person that has graduated from the ITB Arts and Design Faculty and is less than 30 years old. The award looks at the consistency and commitment of the nominees in their convention history and achievements in the national and international level, as well as their prominence in the current market.


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